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Decide which of the profiles below* most closely describe your business to get a ballpark idea of our rates for financial services.





Leticia manages an after school program at a public school.

She plans to expand to other schools in different parts of the state, so she wants to get a better grip on her finances.

In addition to bookkeeping and monthly financial reports, Leticia needs payroll processing for 3 employees.

She has 2 bank accounts (checking + savings) and 1 credit card.


Jack runs a nonprofit flower and gardening shop and employs individuals transitioning out of the foster care system.

Their business is well-established and requires a lot of transparency and hands-on management in regard to finances.

Jack needs:

bookkeeping + accounting, custom reports, some basic financial analysis, and payroll and benefits processing for 20 employees.

They also need a Xero subscription for virtual access to all financial information.

They have 2 bank accounts (checking + savings) and 2 credit cards.

Larissa manages a thriving K-8 private school.

The school has served the local community for years and she prefers frequent and detailed information on the school's financial situation.

Larissa needs:

bookkeeping + accounting, custom reports, and financial analysis. She would also like strategic assistance in areas like budgeting and forecastingShe requires payroll and benefits processing for about 35 employees.

She also needs monthly subscriptions to Xero and Gusto for easy cloud access to the financial and payroll information.

The school has 2 checking accounts, 1 savings account, and 5 credit cards.

Jerry is a freelance photographer and donates a portion of his profits to charity.

He has no employees and sometimes hires subcontractors, so his finance needs are minimal:
Jerry is looking for basic bookkeeping and monthly financial reports.

He has 1 checking account and 1 credit card.

* These profiles are fictional. Rates may vary depending on the complexity your business and needs.

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